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Four Ball Better Ball (4BBB) Stroke Competitions

(Rule 23 Refers)

This is a variation of the basic Stroke event (See Stroke link) with two players playing as partners.

Two Players compete together as a side with each player playing a separate ball. The team’s score for a hole is the lower score of the partners for that hole (Gross and Net).

Partners play the course as they would for an individual Stroke event.

The gross score of at least one partner must be entered on the scorecard. Each score on the scorecard must be clearly identified as the score of the individual player/partner who made it. If both players have equal scores on a hole, then the player who first holed out has his or her score recorded. The gross/net scores are totaled for each nine holes and then for the full round. The total score should also be shown at the top of the card. The team with the lowest score is the winner.

In the interests of speedier play, it is also customary practice for players to pick up their ball once it is obvious that they cannot better their partner's score.

Sample Score card shown below.

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