Fairbairn Golf Club - Eclectic Competition 2018

In summary, the Prize Winners in the 2018 Eclectic are:

A Grade Gross J. Goncalves (5) 59
A Grade Net G. Gillan (11) 56.5 OCB
B Grade Gross P. Clarkson (15) 62
B Grade Net M. Radcliffe (16) 57
C Grade Gross M. Searle (19) 66
C Grade Net W. Bevan (19) 57.5
D Grade Gross R. Jones (24) 75
D Grade Net M. Bowles (36) 63 OCB

Full details can be downloaded here.

Note that the Handicaps reflect those in place on commencement of the December Medal/Eclectic round, in accordance with FGC By-Law 31.