Aggregate Stableford Competitions

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An Aggregate Stableford is played as a Team Event in which a team may consist of two, three or four players. It can be played as a mixed, men's, women's or medley event. Men and women naturally use their own tees and scorecard index.

Aggregate Stableford is quite different to, and should not he confused with, "Four-Ball Stableford".

Members of a team playing in an Aggregate Stableford event play as individuals using separate or individual scorecards. They are not considered to be 'partners', for the purposes of the Rules of Golf (eg Rule 31).

On completion of play, each player is responsible for the correct completion and return of his or her scorecard in exactly the same manner required in any individual event. The Committee should arrange to have some means of team identification such as a team number, affixed to scorecards in order to assist in compilation of team scores on completion of play.

The winning team is determined by adding the individual scores on each card together.

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