Ambrose Competitions

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This event can be played as a two, three or four ball event, although the four person event is the most popular.

The team selects a captain (preferably the lowest marker) who is responsible for the method of play and marking of the card. The captain also determines the order of play for each hole.

All players hit off from the tee and the captain then decides which ball is in the best position. The other team members then drop (or place - see specific rules for the event on the day) their ball within a club length of the selected ball, no nearer the hole. They then hit their next stroke from this position, no matter where their previous stroke finished. The captain makes a similar selection after the next shot and play continues in this way.

If the selected ball is in a hazard, the other balls must be dropped in the hazard.

On the putting surface all balls must be placed and putted from within one card's length (15cm) of the spot where the selected ball lies, but no nearer the hole. Each player must putt out, except when it is not possible for players to better the existing score.

Ambrose is scored as a Stroke event and handicapping is as follows:
   Two person event: 1/4 of aggregate stroke handicap
   Three person event: 1/6 of aggregate stroke handicap
   Four person event: 1/8 of aggregate stroke handicap.

Each player must have his or her handicap recorded on the card. At the completion of the event, the card is countersigned by another member of the team.

Total gross and net scores are shown on the card and the team with the lowest score is the winner.

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