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Ambrose Competitions (also known as "Scramble")

(Model Rule 9c Refers)

This stroke event can be played as a two, three or four person event. The team selects a captain (preferably the lowest marker) who is responsible for the method of play in accordance with the rules for the day and for marking the card.

Each player plays from the teeing area on each hole, one of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shot from that spot (within one club length and no nearer the hole). One of the second shots is then selected and all players play their third shots from that spot and so on until the ball is holed. All balls must be played from the same area of the course as the selected ball (e.g. rough, relief area, penalty area or bunker).

On the putting green the selected ball is marked and lifted and all balls must be placed and putted within one card's length (20cm) of that spot, but no nearer the hole. In the General Area, bunkers and penalty areas the selected ball is marked and lifted and all balls must be placed within a club length of that spot. General rules for Ambrose events:

• No specific order
• To assist with the speed of play, a player can putt out short puts (tap ins)
• Rules for the day may prescribe a minimum number of tee shots for each team member.

Ambrose is scored as a Stroke event and handicapping is as follows:

• Two person event: 1/4 of aggregate stroke handicap
• Three person event: 1/6 of aggregate stroke handicap
• Four person event: 1/8 of aggregate stroke handicap.

Scoring is identical to the simple method used for Stroke Play and the card should show hole gross scores and totaled gross and net scores after handicap deduction. Each player must have his or her handicap recorded on the card. At the completion of the event, the card is countersigned by another member of the team.

Total gross and net scores are shown on the card and the team with the lowest score is the winner.

Sample Score card shown below.

Modified Ambrose

A modified Ambrose event allows for 3 person teams to play in a 4 person event making the competition fairer for the smaller team. For each shot one of the three person team will take an additional shot e.g.

• Tee shot - all tee off and player A plays an additional tee shot (ABCA)
• 2nd shot - all play a 2nd shot and player B plays an additional 2nd shot (ABCB)
• 3rd shot - all play a 3rd shot and player C plays an additional 3rd shot (ABCC)
• 4th shot - all play a 4th shot and player A plays an additional 4th shot (ABCA)

This rotation of the additional shot continues throughout the course and is not reset at each hole e.g. ABCA, ABCB, ABCC, ABCA etc.

Handicapping will be 1/8th of aggregate stroke handicaps for the three players plus 1/8th of their average handicap.

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