Bisque Par Competitions

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This event is an interesting variation of the individual Par competition, where players allocate their full handicap to each hole however they want.

In Bisque Par competition it is not necessary to allocate your handicap before the event, as this is normally done on a hole-by-hole basis and depends on the state of the game at the time.

However, it is necessary to mark on the card the number of handicap strokes allocated to each hole after playing the hole and before hitting off the next hole. The allocation of handicap strokes will obviously cease once the player's full handicap has been used. The game is played as an individual Par competition, and scored in the same fashion.

For example, players taking seven strokes on a par 5 hole will have a '+' (plus) if they took three handicap strokes; a '0' (half) if they took two strokes; and a '-'(minus) if they took only one or no handicap strokes.

The game relies to some extent on a player's judgement and confidence, and provides an interesting variation to an individual Par event.

The player with the highest result is the winner.

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