Fourball Stroke Competitions

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This is a variation of the basic Stroke event with two players playing as partners.

Partners play the course as they would for an individual Stroke event but, using the index, they mentally determine how many strokes they receive on each hole or how their handicap is spread over the eighteen holes of the course.

After completing each hole, both partners determine their net scores and the lowest score is recorded. For example, say both partners received one handicap stroke on the first hole, and scored 7 and 6 respectively. This would give them net scores of 6 and 5, so the player scoring a net 5 would have his or her score recorded on the card.

If both players have equal net scores on a hole, then the player who first holed out has his or her score recorded. The net scores are totalled for each nine holes and then for the full round. The net score should also be shown at the top of the card. The team with the lowest score is the winner.

Fourball Stroke differs from a normal Stroke event in that players can pick up their ball at any time and negate their score for that particular hole.

In the interests of speedier play, it is also customary practice for players to pick up their ball once it is obvious that they cannot beat their partner's score.

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