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Foursomes is basically a Stroke event played with a partner, and using only one ball. The rules of Foursomes require the partners to hit off from alternate tees. Both players agree on the order of hitting off before the game. Player A may select the odd numbered holes (1, 3, 5 etc) which leaves Player B with the even holes. This decision is entirely theirs and often depends on how confident players feel about certain holes on the course. In Mixed Foursomes, however, the club usually determines the order of play and Ladies hit off the Red tees.

Once a player has teed off, the partners strike the ball alternately until the hole is completed. Therefore, if it is Player As turn to hit from the tee, Player B will bit the second shot, Player A the third and so on.

Note that if either player incurs a penalty stroke, it does not alter the order of play. For instance if Player A hits out of bounds off the tee, it is then Player B's turn (hitting 3 off the tee). This includes the playing of a provisional ball (eg Player B would hit the provisional ball).

Scoring is identical to the simple method used for Stroke Play and the card should show both gross and net scores after handicap deduction. The team's handicap is half the aggregate of both partners' handicaps. Both players' handicaps must be recorded on the card'. The team completing the course in the least number of strokes is the winner.

Foursomes Variations

Canadian Foursomes is the same as foursomes except that both players play tee shots on every hole. A ball is nominated to continue play with the playing partner playing the next shot.

American Foursomes (sometimes referred to as Pinehurst Foursomes). This is just like Canadian foursomes except after the tee shots, both golfers play a second stroke with their partner's ball. One ball is then chosen and play continues alternatively like foursomes.

Bloodsomes. A little known format - maybe for good reason! It is again played in similar fashion to Canadian foursomes but instead of choosing the best ball after your tee shots, your opponents chose which ball you will play! This format seems aptly named.

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