'Par' Competitions

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To understand this event, players need to know the method of allocating full handicap strokes to each hole, as explained for the Stableford competition.

Once players mentally determine their own par for each hole, the Par competition challenges them to beat their own par. If players better their par they score a '+' (plus) for the hole. If players equal their own par, they are said to have halved or squared the hole which is scored with a 0. If par is not achieved, a '-' (minus) sign is recorded.

At the end of each nine holes, and at the end of the round, the score is calculated by deducting the number of minuses from the number of pluses. Halved holes marked with an '0' are considered to be even or square and are not taken into account when determining the result. The only exception is when all holes are '0' even, then the result will be '0' even.

An even number of pluses and minuses cancel each other out and the result is then even or '0' and referred to as "square".

The player with the highest result is the winner.

When scoring the card, note that the stroke score must always be shown for holes where the player has halved or beaten par.

The individual Par competition is a fast game to play and allows clubs to cater for large fields at times when there are minimum daylight hours.

It is customary practice for players to pick up their ball once they are beaten by par.

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