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Stableford Competitions

(Rule 21.1 Refers)

A form of stroke play where the players score (number of strokes) for a hole is awarded points by comparing the player’s score to the ’fixed target score’ as explained below.

The ‘fixed target score‘ (referred to as ‘your par’ below) is based on your daily handicap for each hole using the card’s stroke play index e.g.

• If your daily handicap is 15 then you get one shot over the par rating on the card on holes with an index of 1 to 15 (for the card below holes: 2 to 6, 8, 9 & 11 to 18).

• If your daily handicap is 18 then you get a shot on every hole. ‘your par’ is one over the par rating on the card for every hole. • If playing off 25 then you get one shot on holes with an index of 1 to 18 and two shots over par on stroke holes indexed 19 to 25.

Hole Played In Points
More than one over 'Your Par' or no score returned 0
One over 'Your Par' score 1
'Your Par' score 2
One under 'Your Par' score 3
Two under 'Your Par' score 4
Three under 'Your Par' score 5
Four under 'Your Par' score 6

A player who does not hole out for any reason gets zero points. To help with the pace of play, players are encouraged to stop playing a hole when their score reached zero points.

At the end of a round, all stableford points scored are added for each nine holes and totaled for eighteen holes. To be awarded points, the scorecard must show the player’s score (the number of strokes taken).

The player with the most stableford points is the winner.

Sample Score card shown below.

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