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June 2019

Hello to my fellow ‘eskimo’ golfers

The cold playing conditions are well and truly upon us now with everyone looking a few pounds heavier due to the extra layers (well most everyone, there are some crazies amongst us). Then again maybe it’s those good ol winter meals. On the 25 June the following key points came out of the committee meeting (in no particular order):

New committee members. We commenced the meeting by electing two members to fill vacant positions these are:
Brian Dupree as the Vice President and
Russell Phillips as the Treasurer
It is important to note the great work Mick Hoare has done in the finance space for your club in the absence of a Treasurer, thanks Mick!

Rabbit Control Program. Program is now complete and we will see less damage to the course from those ‘pesky rabbits’. There are a couple of outstanding jobs to be completed to finish off the program such as the burning/removal of the ‘junk’ pile beyond the 4th green and the destruction of the rabbit warrens on the mound adjacent to this.

Frosty starts and general play. To date it looks like most comp players are doing their best to minimise damage to the course while playing when frost is still present. One thing I would like to emphasise is it is requested during the slow growing months that those using carts keep off the fairways and outside of the black lines around the greens. This will assist with keeping what grass we have intact until we get warmer weather. A couple of gentle reminders, please repair all divot and pitch marks on the course that you make and/or see and let’s try to keep bunker rakes in the bunkers and not laying on the side of the bunker.

2019 Pro Am. Mick Hoare as the tournament director, continues to make progress towards the FGC hosting this event, if anyone can provide any assistance or would like to be involved please contact Mick.

Vouchers. To those golfers with the skill required (that’s all of us on our best day) to win a closest to the pin and/or weekly competitions we have a rather large financial commitment towards these vouchers. It would be greatly appreciated if members could use these vouchers in a timely manner which will assist the club with our financial management. For information, there is ~ $20,000 dollars of unused vouchers which is a rather large chunk of money.

Membership renewals. Due date for membership renewals was the 01 July, so if you are going to be a continuing member please settle account prior to the end of July. We have had a few new members join the club and I welcome them to the FGC, should you see an unfamiliar face around the course please say hello.

Club Manager Position. There have been a number of applicants for this position with interviews scheduled to take place on 12 July. Once interviews have taken place a suitable start date will be negotiated with the selected person. It is envisaged that Greg will provide a suitable handover with the incoming manager prior to becoming a full time golfer.

Committee Structure. To ensure that the FGC is aligned with ‘best practices’ in the management of our club the current committee is developing a plan for management that aligns us with Golf NSW best practices. This new structure will be available for your reading prior to the AGM in August as it will require a vote at the AGM for implementation. This will not alter in any way play on the course, only impacting the ‘behind the scenes’ management of the club.

Final thoughts. Match Play Championships have now commenced, those who have nominated please check the board and make sure your matches are completed by the required date. The mid-week Eclectic was completed on 30 June with our Club Captain, Mark Turner coming out victorious with a Nett 52. This was seen as a successful event for mid-week players and will continue to be run. The 4BBB team championships were also run with the final results listed at the end of this letter, congratulations to the winners!

Monthly golf humour to finish with:

A golfer walks off the 18th green, hands his putter to his caddie and says, "Kid, you've got to be the worst caddie in the world." The caddie replies,

"Sir, that would be too much of a coincidence."

Good luck on your next 18

Gary Page

Team Championship Events
The Foursome and Four Ball Best Ball (4BBB) team championship events have recently been run with 54 and 66 competitors respectively in each championship event. This year’s winners and runners up were:

4BBB Results

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