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April 2019

Hello again all Fairbairn golfers

Another month has flown by both on the course and behind the scenes ensuring everything is moving forward in a positive direction. On the 26 March the following key points came out of the committee meeting (in no particular order):

Membership fees. As a committee it was decided that we can leave membership fees at their current amount. However, the club improvement levee will raise by one dollar for each round of golf played, both social and competitive. This slight increase will assist the club with the course improvements and hopefully will allow us to bring forward the irrigations works for the front nine. We have also created a new membership category for people in the 18-25 age group who are studying at university. I made this recommendation after a presentation and discussion I had recently at the University of Canberra (more on this later).

Volunteers. I mentioned in last months newsletter an urgent need for all of us to provide one day of volunteer time to help us out with our ‘bottom line’ financially. What we need is for members to help out with the starters’ position each Saturday and each Friday afternoon in helping prepare course for the Saturday competition. If you are able to assist please contact our Club Manager Greg, who will be running a roster for these commitments. If we are unable to fill these slots then the club will have to continue to employ people to undertake these duties. For those of you who have been giving up your time in doing work around and on the course this is very much appreciated! To assist Chris in using this additional ‘horsepower’ to the best effect on our course, please ensure you touch base with him prior to commencing any work you think needs to be done.

Committee Vacancies. We are still searching for a Vice President – Finance member (although Mick Hoare has been doing an outstanding job filling in) – and Tournament Director for the Pro Am. The Finance member and Tournament Director are a must have and if not filled, again we may need to hire someone to fill these positions, so if interested please advise.

Survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the recent FGC survey, the information gained from this exercise will assist your committee in developing a strategic plan for the future of the FGC. The outstanding response rate shows the interest members have in our club, which is fantastic and may lead to another survey to allow the committee to ask for your thoughts on more tactical issues. So please stand by ready to give us your input yet again in the future.

Competition entry. There have been some rumblings that members are unable to find a tee time in any morning slots even when arriving at the club by 0730! Can everyone please ensure that when logging on to enter competitions you only enter yourself and a maximum of three others. I would hate to get into a situation where we have to monitor competition entries and/or restrict entry to only yourself. Please be mindful that many members would like the opportunity to play early from time to time for personnel reasons.

University of Canberra (UC). Recently I had the pleasure of providing a lecture to students at UC who are undertaking a BA in Sports Management. As part of their assessment the students will be undertaking a major project developing a marketing plan based off market research and environment analysis for the FGC. This comes at no financial outlay for the FGC and we will get to see all of the students' submissions. I am sure there will be some great ideas for us to consider and I look forward to their submissions.

Pennants report. Following is a report on last weekend's semi-final for our B grade handicap team:

As a team to date we have only dropped 11 of the 43 matches we have contested and should be proud of that record. So it's one match to go, v Yowani. Fantastic result by the team. They play in the final this weekend at the Belconnen course so if you see them out tunning up this Saturday in our Monthly medal wish them well!

Additional information. Here is some quick information additional items, further details for these can be found on the rolling screen presentation at the clubhouse (thanks Brian Depree!)

Monthly golf humour to finish with:

Last words of a golfer standing in the woods? "I can see a gap."

Good luck on your next 18
Gary Page

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