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February 2019

Hello to all Fairbairn golfers

By way of introduction – My name is Gary Page and recently I have taken on the role as president of your golf club due to Scott Dowd’s posting back to the operational side of the Navy. I am looking forward to the challenge of steering the ship with a very capable committee that we have in place for 2019. One of my intentions will be to keep all members informed of the ‘behind the scenes’ activities that happens to keep our course and club in good shape. This line of communication will also allow you to hear the ‘true’ news coming out of our committee meetings.

On the 12 Feb the following key points came out of the committee meeting:

Golf NSW. Last month we had a visit from Golf NSW to have a look at our clubs management structure, governance and facilities. This was a very productive meeting with many ideas being floated during the day to assist us in being the best club we can be. We will be receiving a report soon with recommendations for consideration, as this matures I will ensure members are advised of any progress.

Parking. Soon there will be barriers stopping members from parking outside of the provided car park, this is to ensure emergency vehicles can access the course and water storage area if required. Can I ask that everyone please use the provided car park when playing on the course.

Members. Our club which consists of the course and the club house is at your disposal to use and is managed/administered by the committee that you have elected. To ensure the committee is meeting the majority of expectations we will be developing a survey that will be sent out to all members seeking your feedback. This feedback will help shape our strategic direction and I will be encouraging everyone to have their say once we develop the instrument. Your elected committee works very hard behind the scenes ensuring everything is in order and our club is presented to visitors in the best possible state that we can. There a number of you volunteering for various jobs which is greatly appreciated giving up numerous hours of your own time. What I would like to ask everyone to consider is providing one day per year as a volunteer, if everyone was able to do this that would provide the club with one year worth of volunteer work!

A little golf joke to finish with:

I was playing with this 85-year-old man recently on a course that I was unfamiliar with. On the third hole, I asked him what's the best part of the fairway to be on, and he replied, "the top."

Good luck on your next 18

Gary Page

Revised Indices, to apply from the Monthly Medal round in March:

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