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President's Quarterly Newsletter

November 2018

I planned to have this newsletter out before my first quarter in the “job” and as I said at the AGM on 25 Aug, we merely look to expand on the great work which has been put in place by my predecessor, Jim Rule and the committee. They managed to hand over a Club in not only great course condition but healthy in many more respects. The course is in arguably the best it has ever looked; our membership is healthier than ever and is expanding on a weekly basis. I say this to highlight what is most valuable to a club, its reputation, and in that regard we are in a very healthy position.

It has been an extremely busy baptism of fire for myself and the new committee and happy to report that after the Pro-Am (see below), the FGC Open and several other curve balls, we are very well placed to improve on this in the future. It is a combined team effort and I trust that you, the members, feel that I and the committee only have the best interests of the Club in mind.

To update you on some highlights and things we are doing as a committee into the future, I give you some of what has been achieved so far and the direction we are heading;

Committee and Operations

All vacancies have now been filled with the recent addition of the committee positions of Vice President, Vice Captains and Property Member. Some of these are self-explanatory however Jim Currie, as an integral member of the move into the new Clubhouse, has moved into the Property Member position to ensure ongoing updates to the Clubhouse are managed. A Golf Operations Manager (non-committee position) has been added and is very visible in that you now have a scrolling scoreboard, a scrolling presentation with rules updates etc and the ability to log into and enter competitions from home. Mick Hoare has taken on this role and has done a great job. More changes are coming to benefit the Club but these positions have been added to benefit the Club and Members. It would be remiss of me not to give a special mention to Ms Maureen Burgess for her years of support to the club and stellar work as your Finance Member. She has recently resigned this position for personal reasons and I took the opportunity to thank Maureen personally and on behalf of the Club for her years of service. Mick Hoare has graciously volunteered for the role of Financial Member.


Without our volunteers, FGC would not be anywhere near the position it is in today. Far too many to mention as so many people get involved from the smallest tasks to the more onerous and time consuming tasks. From building, painting, planting garden beds, assisting greens staff, committee positions, cleaning up after storms, moving furniture, organising competitions, cooking BBQ’s – all of these volunteers are the lifeblood of any club and rarely seek recognition. To that end, we are planning a fun event to recognise our volunteers so watch this space and thank you all for your time and effort.

The Club House (aka The Blue Elephant)

No longer a “Blue Elephant” the Club house has evolved and is continuing to be improved as we settle into our new surrounds. You will have noticed some physical changes to the Club house, most notably the removal of a portion of the dividing wall to open up the internals. Thanks to Warwick and his trusty sidekicks for doing a great job at short notice. The rear deck and internal paint job by Tony also doesn’t go unnoticed. The outdoor BBQ are and gazebo has a lot of Dennis’s blood, sweat and tears. The planting conducted by the Ladies members ensures a pleasant entry into the Clubhouse and the network cabling have all been valuable changes. There is still more work to be done and the committee is working on a long term plan.

Course Condition

As I said in my opening, the Course is in arguably the best condition it has even been in. Course improvements have been tabled and undertaken by Chris Lynch and his trusty team which also includes plenty of volunteers. The reticulation system now covers 10 holes with a plan in place to complete this in the coming year. The greens have been favorably commented on by the PGA during the recent Pro-Am and the course continues to improve. With that in mind, the new course rating and re-indexing will be conducted in the coming weeks and should increase our course rating.

Canberra Airport PGA Legends Pro-Am

Sponsored by Canberra Airport, the inaugural Canberra Airport Legends Pro-Am was conducted on the 22nd of October with 39 pros and 68 amateurs teeing it up. Thanks go to the previous committee for having the foresight to take on such an event and to Murray Gough and his band of volunteers for putting it all together. This is no easy feat and not only did it provide some valuable exposure for the Club, it put some money in the kitty and the PGA have advised us of their intention to return for at least another two years. Well done to everyone involved.

New golf rules

As most of you are aware from the scrolling presentation, a host of new golf rules come into force 01 Jan 19. To assist in the transition, each week a new rules video has been added to the scrolling presentation and it is proposed to conduct a rules night in December. Keep an eye on the scrolling presentation for updates from the Match Committee. To get you started, a '.pdf' document summarising the 20 most significant changes coming in 2019 can be found here.

George Kinlyside

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of George recently. A long term member, employee and volunteer for the Club, he gave so much, asked for so little and a fitting tribute is now present in George’s favorite spot on the 12th tee. RIP George.

Regular Updates and Sponsors

It is very difficult to pass on every important happening around the Club so with this in mind, the scrolling presentation will be used to provide regular updates to upcoming events, new rules and our sponsors page. Our major sponsors Canberra Airport, Murrumbateman Rural Supplies, Drummond Golf, Bing Lee, Jim Murphy, Mick Bray and others continue to support Fairbairn Golf Club, please continue to support them.

In closing, I want to acknowledge the hard work of FGC employees (Greg, Chris and Co.), the FGC committee and the volunteers for all the hard work in 2018. I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to an exciting 2019.

Scott Dowd
Fairbairn Golf Club
November 2018

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