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[Updated 22 September 2019]

Seeing The Light!

FGC has introduced a new category of Membership, tailored to those who would specifically like to take advantage of the Daylight Savings period. The new category starts Sunday 6 October. See the Flyer for more details: Daylight Savings Membership.

President's Newsletter

The July Newsletter from our President, Gary Page can be viewed here.

Local Rules

The Match Committe has reviewed the FGC Local Rules and issued an update which can be viewed here.

Wet Bunkers

Making the most of its time together, the Match Committe has also developed extensive guidance on rules pertaining to water affected bunkers. It can be viewed here.

Making It Count

Your ever solicitous Committee is concerned that there are still a few competition cards that cannot be accepted because they are incomplete or not filled out correctly. Here's a reminder of what is required of a legitimate competition card: Scoring Guide.

What's At Stake?

Notice anything different as you wander round the course?


Saves time and effort for our hard-pressed greens staff - and hence saves us all money in the long run.

Brave New World!

Just when you thought that you'd got the hang of the 'new' (2014) Handicapping System, Golf Australia has announced that it will be introducing the 'World Handicap System' by no later than "... early 2020...", and possibly earlier if enough clubs agree.

The good news is that the Handicap System current used in Australia is already very close to that spelled out in the 'World Handicap System'. The other good news, perhaps, is that we finally see the prospect of one single Handicapping System being used in clubs and competitions around the world. By the look of it, there are just two changes of note that will affect Australian golfers.

If this all sounds too complicated, click here for more information and a few worked examples.

Good luck!

New Indices

The revised 'hole difficulty' indices are now well established. For those of us Old Dogs who might struggle with New Tricks, remember that the nexus between indices for holes 1-18 and those applying for Handicaps greater than 18 has been broken. This means that, for instance, under the revised 'Blue Course' ratings Hole 3 has an Index of 8 for those off Handicaps lower than 18, but players with Handicaps of 22 or greater (as opposed to 26 or greater) will get two shots. Remember to check the card for the relevant index applying to each hole and note that the indices when playing off the 'Blue' markers are different to those when playing off the 'White' ones.

New Flags Too!

The colour scheme for the flags marking our pin positions has been adjusted to accord with official Golf Australia guidelines.


Sadly, they offer no magnetic or gravitational attraction with regard to our errant golf balls so it's still necessary to hit the shot the right distance.

Member Log-in

Members are obviously getting used to the relatively new on-line booking system but for those still unfamiliar with the workings of this 21st Century marvel, either click this link or download a hard copy here.

Rules Rule!

Remember that some significant changes to the Rules of Golf came into effect from 1 January 2019. The clubhouse scrolling presentation has been providing information about some of these changes over the past few months and if you would like to examine the featured videos at your leisure, click this link.

Detailed information regarding the 2019 rules can be found at the Golf Australia website

Course Set-up

The positioning of Tees and Pins is a regular hot-button topic in the Clubhouse post-game. The Rules of Golf have remarkably little to say on the subject, other than to stipulate the size of the hole (108mm dia and at least 101.6mm deep) and positioning of any liner within it (sunk at least 25.4mm below the surface). Various international and State bodies, however, issue 'recommendations' and although these are not strictly speaking mandatory they detail standards that the authority would expect to be met if a competition is to meet with their endorsement. In the case of Golf Australia, it adopts recommendations issue by the venerable 'Royal and Ancient'. These recommendations are readily accessible with a quick internet search '(Golf Course Set Up)' or can be downloaded here.