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[Updated 14 Oct 2018]

Legends Pro-Am

The Canberra Airport Legends Pro Am on Monday 22 October 2018. will cater for 40 professional golfers playing alongside 90 amateurs in a competition environment under tournament conditions. The event is being sponsored by local businesses and will offer attractive prize money for the visiting professional golfers and prizes for amateur players. The public are welcome to come and watch some of Australia’s finest players close up.

For further information please contact The Manager, Fairbairn Golf Club on 6257 9000.

Fairbairn Open 2018

The 'Legends' Pro-Am on 22 Oct has rather taken the spotlight off what would otherwise be the FGC keynote event of the year - the annual Fairbairn Open. Please consider giving a little back to the club by helping to put the finishing touches to course preparations for either or both events.

An entry form for the Fairbairn Open can be downloaded here.

Same Game - New Rules

Some interesting amendments to the venerable Rules of Golf are scheduled to come into force on 1 January 2019. The rationale is to attract new players to the game and to improve the pace of play. There will be active encouragement of “Ready Golf”.

Some of the more significant changes to be introduced by the new rules are outlined below.

A new ‘Local Rule’ will be permitted (Note: it’s not automatic and universal) whereby a player would have the option of dropping a ball in the vicinity of where a ball was lost or Out-of-Bounds, at the cost of a two stroke penalty but at the saving of a dismal trudge back to the site of the previous hit.

The time thus saved will be complemented by reducing search time from five to three minutes, hopefully doing much to obviate that interminable wait to be “Called Through”.

On the putting green, the flag stick may be left in the hole, unattended, and there will no longer be a penalty for hitting it (with the ball, that is – it’s still bad form to belt it with your putter in frustration).

Players will finally be able to remove loose impediments in bunkers and water hazards (to be renamed “Penalty Areas”), and also not be penalised for briefly touching the sand in a bunker - though it will still be a capital crime to ground the club in order to improve the lie.

For those who fear spending the night getting out of a bunker, a new option of taking an ‘Unplayable’ and dropping the ball outside the bunker, at a cost of two strokes, will be introduced.

When taking relief, players will no longer have to drop the ball from shoulder height. They can instead give themselves a better chance of ending up on the one decent lie within miles by dropping from only knee height instead.

For a more extensive discussing of the impending rule changes you could go to the Golf Australia website

Interesting times.

Course Set-up

The positioning of Tees and Pins is a regular hot-button topic in the Clubhouse post-game. The Rules of Golf have remarkably little to say on the subject, other than to stipulate the size of the hole (108mm dia and at least 101.6mm deep) and positioning of any liner within it (sunk at least 25.4mm below the surface). Various international and State bodies, however, issue 'recommendations' and although these are not strictly speaking mandatory they detail standards that the authority would expect to be met if a competition is to meet with their endorsement. In the case of Golf Australia, it adopts recommendations issue by the venerable 'Royal and Ancient'. These recommendations are readily accessible with a quick internet search '(Golf Course Set Up)' or can be downloaded here.