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[Updated 1 April 2018]

Junior Pennants

Our wonderful Junior representative team has just completed the Pennants season. Results overall were mixed but many individual performances were exceptional. Click here for a more detailed wrap up.

FGC Junior Pennants Team 2018.
Back Row - Tom Gordon, Junho Yoon, Nick Gordon.
Front Row - Lachlan Nordsvan, Henry Kanis, Maddi Hood.

From The Clubhouse

Another excellent and informative Newsletter to Members from our President, Jim Rule, can be downloaded here. The piece on proposed changes to the course, and Member involvement in same, is particularly noteworthy. The letter also opens with sad news about long time Member Kevin Kirk who passed away recently.

Et Voila!

Hot on the heels of the President's Newsletter, details of proposed course changes have indeed been Emailed out to members. If you haven't yet seen a copy, it can can be downloaded here.

2017 Matchplay Champion

On a brighter note, we do have at last a winner of the 2017 Matchplay competition. John Solomos is our new matchplay Champion, having defeated Brian Depree 4 & 2 in the long awaited final. Congratulations to John, and commiserations to Brian - who could justifiably claim to be a bit short of 'Match' practice, having reached the final with successive forfeits since round two in July!

Course Set-up

The positioning of Tees and Pins is a regular hot-button topic in the Clubhouse post-game. The Rules of Golf have remarkably little to say on the subject, other than to stipulate the size of the hole (108mm dia and at least 101.6mm deep) and positioning of any liner within it (sunk at least 25.4mm below the surface). Various international and State bodies, however, issue 'recommendations' and although these are not strictly speaking mandatory they detail standards that the authority would expect to be met if a competition is to meet with their endorsement. In the case of Golf Australia, it adopts recommendations issue by the venerable 'Royal and Ancient'. These recommendations are readily accessible with a quick internet search '(Golf Course Set Up)' or can be downloaded here.