Fairbairn Golf Club

Course Masterplan

The FGC Board commissioned a 5-10 year Masterplan for the future development of the golf course in 2023. This plan has been accepted by the Board and changes to the course supporting this Masterplan will be implemented as finances allow.
PDF Course Masterplan Report
(November 2023)

The objectives of the Masterplan and future development are to:

  • Establish a course that is fair and fun to play for golfers of all standards - from beginners to more experienced golfers while always considering the members of Fairbairn.
  • Establish a course layout that best uses the land available and best exploits the natural terrain.
  • Gradually upgrade course features including greens, bunkers, and trees, prioritising those holes identified in the Masterplan.
  • Eventually have putting greens that are interesting, fun to play, challenging and comparable to the best in the Canberra region.
  • Enhance transitions between greens and the following tees to improve the flow of the course.
  • Progressively reduce the number of exotic trees (Pines and Cypress) and increase the number of more appropriate local indigenous trees.
  • Widen many of the playing corridors through tree removal and by expanding fairways to provide more options and create a more strategic golf course.
  • Enhance the potential for distant vistas towards Canberra's natural hills and built landmark features.
  • Improve the environmental sustainability of the course so that in 20-30 years it is a haven for flora, fauna and golfers alike.