Fairbairn Golf Club
ACT Government
The Fairbairn Golf Club is pleased to announce our range is having an upgrade including a new ball washer, dispenser, tee irrigation, range mat and returfing. This project is supported by a grant from the ACT Government to provide the facility improvements for range users. This work is now being undertaken and is expected to be completed over the next few months.

Driving Range

The driving range area consists of a driving range, a chipping green, and a bunker for the use of members and visitors. Buckets of balls are available for purchase at $10 cash in the honesty box. Alternatively vouchers for a bucket of balls can be purchased at the clubhouse and the voucher placed in the honesty box for redemption. The range is open from sunup to sundown and occasionally closed for short periods for ball pick up.

The driving range is only 200m long. For those who can hit a ball further than this please leave your drivers (and any other +200m clubs) at home or go elsewhere to practice with these clubs.

Please do not bring your own balls to hit on the range unless you intend leaving them there for us to pick up. It is a safety issue with individuals out on the range picking up their own balls and the Club wishes to ensure that no-one is exposed to injury. The exception to this is if you are using your own balls on and around the chipping green and bunker at the range.

Access to the driving range is via the road through the course (view map). Access from the service road to the SW of the car park entry and traverse the 18th fairway then the 14th, 12th and 10th fairways and follow the road around past the toilet block and green keepers' area to the range. Please take care when driving through the course - golfers have the right of way; however, if they wave you through please proceed.

Fairbairn Golf Club

Practice Greens

The club has two practice greens available for use by members and visitors. One in front of the Clubhouse and one by the 1st tee.

Fairbairn Golf Club

Practice Nets

The club has two practice nets at the back of the Clubhouse beyond the storage shed for warm up prior to your round.